Bleach Revolution the new Expeirence

Bleach Revolution the new Expeirence

The Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy, Super-Humans, Vizard, Hollows, and Boutno are in a battle lock. Whom will become allies, who will become enemys, and will a War like no other begin. It is your Choice, begin the new Destiny!
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 Bow Registration

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Raiden Kurokichi
Raiden Kurokichi

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PostSubject: Bow Registration   Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:55 pm

Quincy Cross: {Description is required. You may add a pic if wished.}
The bow's focal point is the Quincy cross, acting as the focus for a Quincy bow. The cross need not necessarily be in a cross shape.

Bow Appearance: {Picture or description will do.}
A bow is a manifestation of the Quincy's power.

Spirit Arrows: {What your arrows look like.}
Class-Type: Projectile-Type. {This is by default, always.}
Sub-Type: Reiatsu & Reishi. {This is by default, always.}

Marksmanship: {How accurate does your arrow(s) hit the target.} 80% For Non-Elite / 95% Max for Elite
Quantity: {How many arrows can you fire at once} 30 For Non-Elite / 1200 Elite
Path Control: {Can your arrows move in different patterns through your control?}
Negation of Attacks: {May your arrows intercept other projectiles? If so, which kinds?}

[b][u]Quincy Cross:[/b][/u]

[b][u]Bow Appearance:[/b][/u]

[b][u]Spirit Arrows:[/b][/u]
[i][u]Class-Type:[/i][/u] Projectile-Type.
[i][u]Sub-Type:[/i][/u] Reiatsu & Reishi.

[i][u]Path Control:[/i][/u]
[i][u]Negation of Attacks:[/i][/u]
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Bow Registration
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