Bleach Revolution the new Expeirence

Bleach Revolution the new Expeirence

The Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy, Super-Humans, Vizard, Hollows, and Boutno are in a battle lock. Whom will become allies, who will become enemys, and will a War like no other begin. It is your Choice, begin the new Destiny!
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 Elixar Yotsuki Done

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Elixar Takoyaiba

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PostSubject: Elixar Yotsuki Done   Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:47 am

Vizard Application
Name: Elixar Yotsuki
Alias/Nicknames: Black lightning demon

Age 13
Visual Age: 13

Zanpakutō's Name: Yotsuki (Black lightning)
Ex Division/Current Rank: Captain 10th division

Mask Empowerments: Super Enhanced speed, Super enhanced lightning control and swordsman technique
Mask Duration: 10 posts, cool down 7
Personality: Elixar is generally mature and serious. Elixar hates anything that he deems childish as well as being described as something close to a child, such as an elementary school child, a further contrast to his appearance. Elixar has developed a cold attitude toward most people; he tolerates these jokes and goes on with his duties. Although he has shown anger towards jokes, he doesn't take action against whomever insulted him unless they are his enemies, but has never overreacted because of them.
Birthday: September 16th
Birthplace: Seireitei
Natural Race: Shinigami
Family/Relatives: None
Likes: Blades, Fighting, Training, Takoyaki, testing his Zanpakutō and hollow
Dislikes: spinach, being treated like a kid. Being underestimated.
Hobbies: Training. Eating Takoyaki and dumplings
Favorite Food: Pancakes
Favorite Music Music by Crush 40
Forte in Sports: Kendo and all other martial arts
Special Skill: Striking pressure points and mastery of 13 swords
Appearance Elixar has turquoise golden and short, spiked, white hair. He wears a standard sleeveless captain's haori with a black sash around his shoulders, held together by a round clip. The sash holds his Zanpakutō's sheath in place on his back and is tied to it at either end. He sometimes walks around in his tabi. He is relatively young by Shinigami standards and has the appearance of a child. In the Human world,
Elixar normally a red rope tied around his waist, white hand-bands.
Mask Appearance: Only black with gold highlights
Inner Hollow Appearance: Same as Elixar with inverted colours
Height: 5,4
Weight: 32kg
Blood Type: O
Measurements: 5,4 (what's the point of this, it is already mentioned)
Story Elixar was part of various illegal experiments. He was taken from his familly at birth and was actually born in the Seireitei. He was experimented on to make him the ultimate killer and make him stronger than any shinigami before. In the process; a hollow was created inside of him. During Elixar's tests he proved to be able to defeat over 30 captain level enemies at simultaneously during a simultaneously. He developed unique styles of fighting, using multiple close combat techniques at once and being able to wield 13 swords at once.
Fighting Style: Nunchucku, staff, close combat, tonfa, Blades.
Rp Sample
Elixar tapped into his Zanpakto and was soon going to be meeting his inner hollow and Zanpakto again for the first time in 2 months. He was in the Dangai world, He looked around for Yotsuki and Takoyaiba. He saw something move to his right and felt a large spiritual pressure behind him. He leapt upwards turning around ready for combat. Sure enough; Yotsuki was there and swiped his hand at Elixar's face. Elixar caught it in his palm and threw Yotsuki downwards while moving his Zanpakto backwards to parry Takoyaiba's blade attack from behind. He turned and kicked him away before flash stepping down to the ground. Takoyaiba and Yotsuki whispered to each other. "Nice greeting guys, glad to see you're still in top shape." Elixar said as they looked towards him. He was greeted by two happy grins and a short wave before they became deadly focused on Elixar. "Heh, so straight to that huh?" He said "Let's go."
Elixar dashed forward and was quickly locked in vicious, fast paced two on one combat.
Inner Hollow Name: Takoyaiba
Inner Hollow's Personality: Same as Elixar's. Enjoys the thrill of the fight and the panic of foes during a fight.

Process 1: Goes in tune with his Zanpakto and then diverts to his hollow. Trains there. 500 word count to access hollow mask.
Enhancements: Noticeably increased speed. Hollow Shikai.
Post Duration: 20 posts Cool down 10

Process 2: Moderate injury. 2000 word count training with Hollow.
Special Hollow Ability: High speed regeneration. Increased strength
Maximum Post Duration: 5 posts, 10 post cool down
Skip-able due to relationship with Hollow

Process 3: Moderate injury. Extra 1000 word count training with Hollow.
Special Hollow Ability: High speed regeneration. Increased speed. Talk and act as normal. Hollow Bankai
Maximum Post Duration: 10 posts, 15 post cooldown
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Elixar Takoyaiba

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PostSubject: Re: Elixar Yotsuki Done   Sun Apr 03, 2011 6:39 am

Done, needs 2 be looked at.
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Raiden Kurokichi
Raiden Kurokichi

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PostSubject: Re: Elixar Yotsuki Done   Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:57 pm

My Appearence


My First Ressureccion

The Final Ressureccion

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PostSubject: Re: Elixar Yotsuki Done   

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Elixar Yotsuki Done
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