Bleach Revolution the new Expeirence

Bleach Revolution the new Expeirence

The Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy, Super-Humans, Vizard, Hollows, and Boutno are in a battle lock. Whom will become allies, who will become enemys, and will a War like no other begin. It is your Choice, begin the new Destiny!
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 Xavier Leblanc/Lieutenant of 12th Div

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Soviet Jesus

Soviet Jesus

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PostSubject: Xavier Leblanc/Lieutenant of 12th Div   Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:08 pm

Shinigami Application
Name: Xavier Leblanc
Alias/Nicknames: Smoke

Age 76
Visual Age: 22

Zanpakutō's Name: Akumabito
Division: 12th
Personality: Xavier is usually very sleepy and lethargic going through the motions of day to day life in the morning. He perks up around noon usually and begins to act like a child on a sugar binge. He settles down around four and enjoys a nice levelheadedness throughout the rest of the day.
Xavier is often sarcastic, but only when he feels that it isn't offensive. He displays a big amount of respect for his superiors.

Birthday: 4/17
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Natural Race: Human/Russian
Family/Relatives: N/A
Likes: +Kido: As a student Xavier excelled at Kido.
+Pandas: A remnant from his life.
+Solving problems: Like any good 12th division Soul Reaper should.
+Smoking: A nasty habit that gets me out of bed every day.
Dislikes: - Heights: Yah especially bridges.
- Prudes: Odd you never find a nice prude.
- Onions: Doesn't everyone dislike what their allergic to?
Hobbies: Smoking, Ice Hockey, Training
Favorite Food: Pizza rolls
Favorite Music Rap, Alternative Rock
Forte in Sports: Anything involving Ice
Special Skill: Xavier is rather good at reading people
Xavier has light violet eyes and hair, his skin is pale and he has a tattoo underneath his left eye. It is black and has three peaks that look like an inverted mountain range. He prefers to keep his hair in a spiked wavy appearance, however during the morning he can be found with very ruffled hair. His eyes are slits, and they are never fully opened.
Height: 5'9
Weight: 130lbs
Blood Type: A positive
Measurements: That is not polite table maners.
Story It was a day like any other day for Xavier, the day of his death that is. He was walking down the street pushing aside the white snow in the capital of the Kremlin. The KGB member looked down into the snow with a smile, a cigarette hanging from his lips. It was nice and peaceful today unlike so many of the other days where he had to train or kill. Today was his day off, and he planned to make the most of it, well he planned to until a bullet soared through his abdomen creating a crimson waterfall for a split second before the blood just seeped out of the wound. It was like someone had punched him really hard in the gut, but it hurt worse. Xavier slumped to the ground, withdrawing his pistol. The Russian spun around to see his attacker but all he saw was red, as he fell backwards into the snow. The once nice day that was filled with wonderful smells had now switched to a single scent, iron. With that he died, never remembering his life again.

In death Xavier became like he was in life, power hungry and dedicated. The first chance he got he signed on with the Gotei 13, and joined the Academy. Inside he did well, eager to learn and listen the KGB influence following him past the grave. Xavier may have graduated with other Lieutenants however the man was much too concerned with his studies at the time to notice and socialize with others. Graduating top of his class he was put into twelfth division due to his studies. Upon hearing the news Xavier let loose an unenthusiastic huzzah, not because he wasn't happy but because it was only eight in the morning when he heard it. The next day after he was packed he quickly joined in with the twelfth squad getting to know the other members and his captain.

He started out as the fifth chair however one day while resting beneath a tree he was challenged by some bored eleventh squad members who thought they were in for an easy win. How wrong they were, this was when he found his Shikai and after filling out a report he was quickly promoted to fill the vacant spot of Lieutenant. Even though he had defeated four unseated Shinigami, the only reason for the promotion was how he did it.
Fighting Style: Close range
Rp Sample "Hey punk, ya you sleepy head"
The noise awakened Xavier who opened one eye to just a slit, it was still early in the morning and the poor guy was just trying to catch a tan under the sunlight. 'How troublesome, today is my day off don't these blowhards have someone else to fight? I can't really spar' Xavier thought to himself as another one spoke up.
"Get up or I'll make you get up"
Xavier's eyes shot open as he jumped up, his katana was out of it's guard in a flash as he brought the hilt to the nearest Shinigami's face. Within seconds a blade swiped at his head, and Xavier ducked it while swinging his blade towards the nearest of the four besides the one who was on the ground clutching his nose. The man brought up his katana but it was easily swatted aside by Xavier's, as the man fell backwards clutching his stomach.
'Use me'
"Who said that?" Xavier asked bringing his sword back to himself in a defensive stand.
'I did, your blade'
Xavier nearly dropped the sword in shock as the last two uninjured Soul Reapers rushed him from both sides, the Twelfth squad member flash stepped away as the two attacking Shinigami hit each others swords. Xavier spun around sticking out his tongue at the two as the sword spoke to him again.
'Use my name, the name Akumabito and you will know what to do. Let us draw wonderful worlds together'
Xavier smiled as he held the katana above his head shouting "Corrupt their dreams Akumabito" six branches sprouted from the sword as he brought it back down to himself still holding onto the smile as he rushed forward easily cutting the first man, and reversing his blade into the next.
While the two slumped to the ground twitching, Xavier stood eyes staring into the distance. Well to be more accurate into their dreams...

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Elixar Takoyaiba

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PostSubject: Re: Xavier Leblanc/Lieutenant of 12th Div   Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:22 pm

Lol, I like pizza rolls.

The pic isn't working but even if it was you need a written appearance of at least 3 or 4 lines.
Do that and its ready for approval
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Soviet Jesus

Soviet Jesus

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PostSubject: Re: Xavier Leblanc/Lieutenant of 12th Div   Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:36 pm

Hmm, well its in my dp anyways.
Alrighty done.
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Elixar Takoyaiba

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PostSubject: Re: Xavier Leblanc/Lieutenant of 12th Div   Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:14 pm

Great. Approved. Just make the edit for your Zanpakto for that to get approved too.
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Raiden Kurokichi
Raiden Kurokichi

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PostSubject: Re: Xavier Leblanc/Lieutenant of 12th Div   Tue Apr 05, 2011 8:01 pm

My Appearence


My First Ressureccion

The Final Ressureccion

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PostSubject: Re: Xavier Leblanc/Lieutenant of 12th Div   

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Xavier Leblanc/Lieutenant of 12th Div
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