Bleach Revolution the new Expeirence

Bleach Revolution the new Expeirence

The Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy, Super-Humans, Vizard, Hollows, and Boutno are in a battle lock. Whom will become allies, who will become enemys, and will a War like no other begin. It is your Choice, begin the new Destiny!
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 Technique Help

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Raiden Kurokichi
Raiden Kurokichi

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PostSubject: Technique Help   Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:40 am

So before we begin out tour, here are the differences between techniques, effects, and abilities.

Ability - The capacity to do something from yourself.

Effect - A change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause.

Technique - A way of carrying out a particular task.

Post Duration - Other forms of Post Duration.
* Post Charge: Consist of the technique/effect or form of offense/defensive techniques/effects to the process of storing a form of energy(reiatsu most liekly) in a concentrated area.

* Preparation Post: The action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration for the technique and or effect.

* Instant Post: Consist of happening or coming immediately during the first post used or activated of the effect and or technique. Can be interrupted


Physical: Skills that involve brute force interaction and or melee attacks, these skills deal physical damage.
\_Examples: Swords, fists, feet, scissors, {solid)gauntlets, water, rocks, and anything solid that does damage on impact.

Reiatsu: Skills that involve kidou and spiritual abilities, these skill deal reiatsu damage.
\_Examples: Cero, fire, wind, lightning, Hadou #1-99, anything that has to do with reiatsu/reiryoku in a major asset is this class.

Strategic: Skills that involve counters, defenses, special abilities and items, these skills don't deal damage unless the attribute is Counter with a 1 preparation post.

Instant: Instant skills are skills that do their work instantly, or are placed on the target on the first post activation and have no connection to the caster for the rest of its duration. Instant's can be interpreted

Action: Action skills are skills that last multiple turns and require the attention of the caster each turn anew. If the caster loses contact with the target, by a stun or invulnerability, the action will have no effect. But since the skill is done each turn anew, the skill will continue once the caster has contact with its target again until the post duration ends.

Control: Controls require constant contact between caster and target. If the contact is broken, the technique will end. Controls are also only cast once, only at the start of the technique when they make contact with the target, much like instants.

Affliction: An extra class of a skill that basically says it can be cured by affliction removals. Basically poisons and any unknowns fall under this that effects the players in any way after the hit.



Damage: A harm caused to something physically, mentally, chemically, or spiritually.

Piercing Damage: This type of damage will ignore damage reduction. This attribute will have no effect to those of higher positions from your character until a certain amount of posts are met*.

Affliction Damage: This type of damage will ignore damage reduction and destructible defense and consist of the target to burn, intoxicate, and or an instance of one’s spiritual ability to cause harm in a magic non-understandable path.

Increased Damage: Some skills increase the damage done or taken from other skills. This amount is usually a estimate of its extent.

Stun: This means a character is unable to use a certain technique, ability, effect, or movement for the duration that the stun effect inflicts. Stuns may only disable certain skills instead of every skill. A Stun's cooldown will always be 4 posts. The max of the stun duration is 3 posts on instants!!

Damage Reduction: This means that any damage done to a character will be reduced due to their defenses by percentage.

Invulnerable: This means a character will not be a valid target for enemy certain techniques (by default), though they may still be affected by some skills already affecting them. MAX DURATION IS 3 POSTS!! COOLDOWNS MUST BE ABOVE 4 POSTS!!

Heal: This means a certain amount of health is returned to the character, percentage or fixed on specific areas for an amount of posts. Characters that have died cannot be healed, also characters cannot be healed above 100% health. Healing does not affect destructible defense.

Remove Reiatsu, Lose Reiatsu: This means that your opponent will have a certain fixed amount of random (any available type) or specific reiatsu removed from them.

Steal Reiatsu: This works exactly like removing reiatsu except that reiatsu is instead put into your reiatsu rather than removed from the battle.

Reflect: This will return the effects of a skill back upon the user that targeted the character using a reflecting type skill. Note that Control type & Stun skills will end up canceling themselves out and Action skills will still be activated on the reflecting character, but will have any of its effects be reflected only this turn.

Counter: This skill will negate another incoming skill. It will not negate a skill already affecting a character. Action skills can only be countered on the first turn. Counter type skill are generally linked with another type of effect that will affect the character who's skill was negated.

Remove 'xxx': Any skill that states it removes another type of effect (typically be class type or a certain effect) will completely negate that effect on a character if the skill meets the requirements(if any).

Ignore 'xxx': As the word states, a skill with this aspect will ignore some other type of effect, the ignored effect is not negated or removed, it just doesn't do anything(unless it is damage that cannot be ignored). This is a little different for skills that ignore invulnerability. Those skills are able to target invulnerable characters even when that character is not unable or capable to become invulnerable.
FLASH STEP/SHUNPO = Not an invulnerability skill!
Sonido = Not an invulnerability skill!
Hirenkyuukatsu = Not an invulnerability skill!
Flash Movements can't be ignored

Destructible Defense: This will give the character some defense that can be destroyed before the character takes any real serious damage. Ex. Shield

Copy : This type of attribute will copy another technique that is used, replacing an existing technique, the new copied skill for the duration of the copy. Skills that require an other skill to be performed before they can be used, cannot be copied.

Invisible: Your opponent will not see any of these techniques during the time it is in effect. For some skills only the target is not known but the fact that the skill is in use is known. When an invisible skill ends, the opposing characters will always be informed that the skill was used.

Increasing or decreasing duration: When you increase or decrease the duration of a technique or effect, all related effects will also be modified accordingly. By related effects are meant, all effects that are linked with each other by a 'during this time' sentence.

Replace: A skill can be partially or completely replaced. Reiatsu cost, cooldown, and the effect during a certain skill. YOU MAY ONLY HAVE 1 REPLACE TECHNIQUE TO WORK WITH A CURRENT TECHNIQUE!!
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Technique Help
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