Bleach Revolution the new Expeirence

Bleach Revolution the new Expeirence

The Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy, Super-Humans, Vizard, Hollows, and Boutno are in a battle lock. Whom will become allies, who will become enemys, and will a War like no other begin. It is your Choice, begin the new Destiny!
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Captains, Espada, all Elite spots are open! So please join and try to get others to join!
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 Advertistment Rules

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PostSubject: Advertistment Rules   Advertistment Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 09, 2011 3:47 pm

There are a few rules in which we have established on the site regarding advertising.

1. As this board is to be assumed the only board were a guest may post something up on the site I do hope this does not make anyone believe they can post anything the please on the site. I don't mind extending the olive branch out and allowing other sites to hopefully catch new members that might be interested in there site.

So I understand if there may be some adult language in the bio of your site but I do not wish to see comments in this board stating crude and rude comments towards are site or others.

2. Locked Threads. We will install a thread lock once a totally of 48 hours has pasted. This many regards if you have forgotten to post something that you have time to post it.

3. Link Backs if you are new to the site and you post your add in the proper section I or someone else from the site will post back on to your site with are ad. If you don't wish to have are ad on your site then please don't post on ares.

4. We allow one to post up as many ads of there site as possible onto are wonderful site but we do hope you post it up after every two weeks or be subjected to deletion of one of your threads.

5. We are currently not looking for any Affiliates as we currently don't have a button made once are button is made there will be a topic in which you may request to be are affiliates.

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Advertistment Rules
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