Bleach Revolution the new Expeirence

Bleach Revolution the new Expeirence

The Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy, Super-Humans, Vizard, Hollows, and Boutno are in a battle lock. Whom will become allies, who will become enemys, and will a War like no other begin. It is your Choice, begin the new Destiny!
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Quincy Application
Name: Oliver Masaru
Alias/Nicknames: Streiker

Age 29

Bow's Name: Rasrei (Rager)
Job/Occupation: Head of the Masaru Clan
School Degree: Masters Degree in all forms of Science
Birthday: 11/2
Birthplace: Masaru Family Compound , Kyoto Japan
Natural Race: Humam/Quincy
Family/Relatives: All Masaru (Yet to be made. You're welcome to if you wish)
Positives: #Lawful - Oliver is a extremely lawful person, in his own right, and will stop at nothing to ensure justice is served.He believes in the law of his mind. Simply put - his law is simply that of the Shinigami's. He works with the Death Gods (in a sense) to protect the innocents from the hollows - and will stop at nothing to ensure the law of the Shinigami is carried out near perfection.
# Confident - Although this could count as a
flaw, to Oliver, it is something somewhat on the good side. He is confident in his powers and abilities, and sure that he can find some way to do what he needs to do, one way or another. He does, of course know he is not the best, but he knows for sure he's not anywhere near the worst.
# Dutiful - Like being extremely lawful, Oliver will stop
at nothing to ensure his duties are fulfilled completely as asked. Despite not really working under anybody, and not having any actual duties, if he is given a duty, he will perform it to the best of his ability. Ensuring things are done, and things are done right is extremely important to him.
# Respectful - Oliver knows when to show
respect, and when to make others respect him. He knows he is mean, and he wont be mean without proper reason. He understands that the easiest way to get others to follow you lead is through respect, but knows that an iron first is the way to go sometimes as well. He tends to keep more to the iron side, however.
# Knowledgeable -Having to survive as a
"rogue" Quincy for some time has rally opened Oliver's eyes to the world and what it is about. Fighting many battles, he has learned to a greater extent how to read his opponents movements, though he certainly can not get things perfectly. The knowledgeable aspect is less battle
related than it sounds however - he is indeed a smart person and will not usually make any simple mistake. He knows what to do, when to do it,and how to go about it to make it work out to his favor. Or at least he tries to.
Negatives: #
Lawful - While being a good think to Oliver, it doesn't make it a good thing FOR Oliver. In performing the laws to the letter, he obviously risks danger. He could easily get too confident andoverstep his bounds.
#Anger - While Oliver tries to remain respectful as best a he can, his temper if very short. His anger is a small wick with the match always close by. He can easily begin to boil over the smallest things and go on a large rage about respect and duties and all other things other people don't want to hear.
# Confident - While Oliver does know he is not
the best, his confidence might be a little too high. If he thinks he can do it, he will try. And normally this wouldn't be a bad thing, but however, when applied to battle, it could easily become a bad thing. Even a fatal thing.
# Duties - Like mentioned above, Oliver is very
serious about law and duties. With duties, he puts them above him and those around him. Being a Quincy, and rogue at that, he knows he was has to do everything near perfection to survive.
# High Self Regard -
Although this seems contradictory to what is above, it's not meant in that way. He believes himself to be great, not so much battle wise, but stature wise. He believes he should be very respected, and while he gives respect, he won't take anything BUT respect from those around him.
Simply because he gives respect doesn't mean he thinks others to be above him. He just knows it's the best way to go, and he expects similar things from those around him.
Overall: Oliver is and always has been a very hard person to please and to satisfy. It has always either been his way, or no way at all, or he'd end up getting either frustrated and/or pissed. It was difficult for him to get his way, so he often shown himself as a rude, arrogant and easily-frustrated male, though always showing expertise when it came to being a leader. Being a Leader, he was always stern and believed all those under him should and would obey him, or they'll suffer the appropriate consequences to learn right from wrong, and to spot a mistake before it could happen. He was generally a jerk to everyone, even the other Captains, but knew when and how to show respect when he absolutely needed to, and didn't show it unless he knew he needed to do so. It was just his way of life, it was his way of living. He has many likes, and many dislikes, and he is normal like everyone else and has habits like everyone else, sharing common beliefs, though his attitude was a bit different from everyone elses.

To start, he liked things to go his way, this meant his subordinates listening ATTENTIVELY, paying attention to each and every word he would say, and if they didn't, they'd suffer the consequences. He also liked when he had the ability to help the unintelligent, always lending a sharp tongue to whip them into shape, and if they didn't listen for whatever reason, he would be done with trying and simply give up. Unlike most Captains, he thoroughly enjoyed doing paper work, as it gave him time off to focus on the important things, and less time to chit chat about pointless things. He, like most Captains enjoyed his privacy and time alone especially, as when he was alone he had time to think and concentrate about important decisions. Now this doesn't mean he didn't like being around people, he just enjoyed some time alone every now and then - a bit of focus time. He also liked to train, whether he trained himself, or a subordinate, which either one he'd train as vigorous as Quincyly-possible, pushing himself and his subordinates to their utmost extreme limit, to ensure that the both of them achieved the best result as possible. Though, oddly for a man like Oliver, he liked spending time in the World of the Living, as he felt a strange connection with the realm... a connection he could not explain.

With many likes, a man like Oliver is bound to have dislikes as well, and he strongly... "disliked" these things, in fact, he had a pure hatred for these things, and they could easily set him off into a giant fit. For starters, he absolutely looked down upon and utterly despised cocky people, as he thought that they believed they were superior, while in the end them being cocky proved that they were in fact inferior beings who simply believed something they couldn't achieve. He also despised being interrupted, and when interrupted, Yukkyu will quit what he is saying and simply glare at his peer with a look of disgust and disregard for manners as he could possibly muster. He also strongly disliked when people spoke too much, as he believed it as a weakness, as the person who spoke too much did not realize it, but if it were a battle, while they spoke their giant forever-long book, they could of had their neck slashed, and have their blood spilled all over the floor. He also hates it when inferiors are disrespectful to superiors, especially when it came to a Quincy <-> Clan-Member relationship, as he thought each Quincy should show the utmost respect to a Higher-Up, whether they are or are not the Captain that they serve under.

Even though Oliver is a bit different from the others in terms of likes and dislikes, he is somewhat similar to others when it comes to having the typical habits, such as - he tends to think much about his existence, he doesn't know who he is, or why he is where he currently is. He does not know why he chose to become a Quincy to slay hollows, nor does he know why he even kills hollows, as they react to pure instinct. He also has a habit of tending to look down upon others, even though he dislikes it when others look down upon anyone else, he thinks it or more correctly, he does not notice it yet, but he thinks it is okay for him to look down upon others, as he secretly believes he is superior to most, if not all in some way or another. He also has a habit of walking fast, which is irritating to his peers, as he will be walking at his normal fast pace, and they will not yet be use to it and struggle to keep up with his odd form of stroll. He also tends to jump to conclusions too often, usually not waiting to hear the whole story before he begins to accuse others of things he is not yet 100% sure of, though he is only... part human, it is as expected. He also has an odd habit of laughing at his own jokes, which due to his personality makes it awkward for his dry sense of humor-self to laugh at his own joke, which others tend to make fun of him about.
Favorite Food: General Tso's Chicken
Favorite Music Classical
Forte in Sports: None
Special Skill: Oliver is extremely analytical - which applies to both fights and casual circumstances. When in a fight, he will ensure he knows the extent of his opponent before he will make an attempt to finish them off, and he will be sure he memorizes the patterns seen in enemy fighting movements before he will successfully counter. And when not applied in battle, it goes for everything else, which is needless to explain.
Appearance The most notable difference when it comes to Oliver would be nothing but his clothing. It stands out in any crowd, and gives many the idea that he is an evil priest, or even a Satanic Worshipper. Mainly black in color, it consists of three seperate pieces, that all come together to make this strange outfit. First would be the robe's bottoms, which are imilar to that of the Shinigami robe bottoms in the sense that they're black and quite baggy, though Oliver's are more velvet in appearance, as well as have red-and-rogue trimmings here and there. Towards of the wais area, still a part of the outfit is a small black pouch which would allow Oliver to carry anything from a Quincy Bangle, to a few Seele Schneiders, or possibly even a burrito - anything small and relatively portabe. That area is quite useful, indeed.

The second piece of the elegantly-evil costume would be the robe top, which consists of any normal robe top, though like the bottoms, is quite baggy and velvet in appearance, with many red trimmings here and there forming lovely little designs. The chest area is augmented with thick leather under the robes, which can protect ever so slightly against some attacks, however, against a spiritual being, it wont prove much use. From the shoulder to the waist is a dark brown belt with a brass clip, ensuring the robe top will stay on sightly. Across the waist, though still part of the robe TOP is a velvet red sash, which, like the black pouch on the bottom, could allow anything to be stuffed into it, such as a Seele Schneider, but unfortuntely, not a burrito.
The final piece to the devilish costume would be the most essential part of the costume by far, giving it all the "umpfh!" it needs to stand out. Much like a Captain haori of the Shinigami, the final piece of a large overcoat, like the rest of the costume: velvet-y black in color and appearance, with many red trimmings here and there, forming various designs. Towards the neck is two gray articles that have been sewn on simply for display. From the shoulders, they drape down on both the left and right sides, covering the shoulder blades. It is for nothing more than cosmetics. Part of the large coat includes two long articles draped in front of Oliver, which go from his shoulder to his ankles. Once again, no purpose aside from the cosmetics side. On the back of the large overcoat is a red and black insignia which represents the logo of Oliver's imaginiation. He views it as though it's an arrow traveling through a narrow hallway, hellbent on hitting the mark as precise as possible.

Aside from that comes the typical appearance of a male. Tall, about 5'11'', with long black hair pulled back in a ponytail. Built rather tough, with muscles strong enough for close-combat (mainly with a Seele Schneider). Nohing out of the ordinary - just your
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 153lbs
Blood Type: O
Measurements: Lawl, of what? Im using American if thats what you're wondering - not metrics.
Story Oliver Masaru - born the first child of the Head of the Masaru Clan. Born not human, but born a Quincy: Proud and Honorable, Dedicated and Strong. He was brought up this exact way - the way all in the Masaru clan are raised. His father was the head of the Clan, thus making everything bit more difficult for Oliver in the sense he would have to be brought up much more strict, as he would one day rule over the Masaru clan. Though being only a baby, this was the best time to begin training his manners and how he acted as a child. Despite being young, he was already being treated as though he were a toddler. His father, Eric Masaru, would not have any inconvieniences with the child that would one day rule the clan.

Oliver was not allowed to cry, that was going to be the basis for staying strong and stern, which would one day evolve into the ability to lead. He was given food at large interivals, to provoke him to cry, just so he would be punished until he wouldn't cry. His parents treated him as though he were a pet, punishing any infant-like behavior, scholding him and whatnot. Being an infant, there wasn't a thing in the world Oliver could do aside from use his sponge-like brain to take in this knowledge and begin the chart entitled "Good and Bad". He had learned from his punishments what was acceptable, and what was not acceptable, and that mental chart was quickly filled with acceptable bahaviors and actions, and unacceptable behaviors and actions.

When Oliver became a toddler, around the age of seven, his behaviors and mannerisms and beliefes were exactly where Eric, his father, had wanted them. Oliver was smart, strong, and had an open mind, though was reluctant to share unless he knew it would end up benefitting him. For his age, he was wise, just how his father had brought him up, though there was one bit of information that was unknown to him - he thought he was an ordinary person, just one of the anybodies who would walk down the street and pay for gas, and travel in a car and live every day life. He couldn't have been any further from wrong - he was not any of that, nor would he ever be such a lowly thing. He was brought up prod, and he was brought up strong, so unlike any of those living today - there was no way he could be anything like the lowly scum.

His mother had taken him and began to tell him, by night, stories of the family. Oliver's mother and father were distant cousins of the Masaru, but were Masaru regardless. They had moved to Germany many years before Oliver was born, which is where most of Oliver's family came from, aside from the mass of the family which had remained in Japan. The tale continued with the Masaru in Germany almost dying out when one of the males lived almost all of his life without marrying or having any children. Thankfully he had eventually married and had children, producing Oliver's father, Eric. Eric was raised much the same as Oliver, with the same eventual powers and abilities. He had lived his life until he ws about 28, and moved back to Japan where he married Oliver's mother, Naomi. Being back in Japan, Eric had returned to the Masaru stronghold and roe to a prominent position in a political sense within the Masaru clan, and by the end of his 43rd year, had gained ownership of the clan. When he felt as though he was ready, he had Oliver, who was now seven years old.
Oliver had been upset to hear the story reach it's end, though he did not know there was still much to learn, but not from his mother. His father resumed the tory-telling by explaining to Oliver what he was, and why he had not been allowed outside since birth. He learned he was called a "Quincy" and had the ability to manipulate a form of energy named Reishi, and the main enemy of pretty much all Quincy were the hollows, which were mindless creatures who fed on the innocent souls of humans. Oliver also learned that he would gain his very own cross and begin his training as an archer in no less than two months. His father explained that hollows were common in the outside in a town such as Karakura Town, and he could not allow his young child to venture out into such a dangerous place until he was able to manifest his very own bow to protect himself.

With all that information in mind, and much to think about, the following year passed quickly, with those two months coming just as quick. Oliver had began his training, and had gained his Quincy Cross which would allow him to call upon the reishi in the surrounding area to eventually form a bow and arrows. The progress went well, however, despite how easy it was to call upon a bow, forming arrows was not such an easy task. It had tired Oliver to fire more than 30 arrows in a few hours, as he was simply not use to the whole thing. His father had assured him that some day he would get use to it and it wouldn't tire him nearly as much. Doubtful, Oliver continued his training, working on his skills summoning his bow and firing arrows, as well as learning the art of Hirenyaku, which wa a form of high-speed-movement that with a step could place him many feet in the direction he was going as though he were one step away from that area. With the knowledge of Hirenyaku, the Elders of the clan also explained to young Oliver many different Quincy artifacts and abilities, such as the Seele Schneider, which functioned both as a Blade and an Arrow, and a technique that would allow Oliver to manipulate reishi to move his body instead of him moving his body.

Intrigued, the next tn years flew by just as quick as the all the others, with Oliver gaining more knowledge of he and his people, as well as gaining a more firm hold over his own powers. Just as his father promised, he was able to fire arrows as though it was natural, and could go on for quite some time before he would tire. His father had also enlightened him on three of the most important things a Quincy should know: the Sanrei Glove, the Final Form, and the Quincy Bangle. Oliver had learned that the Sanrei Glove made it more difficult to summon a bow and fire arrows as it space out the reishi to incredible limits, making it harder to pull together to form the bo and arrow. However, if one was truly dedicated, they would pull through and summon their bow and arrows, and if they had traine, firing for one week non-stop, they would unlock the only form a Quincy knows: The final form. This form is incredibly strong, as it releases the Quincys power all at once, and by the end, a quincy would have lost all their power. Oliver learned there were ways to regain the lost powers, and had also learned that if one was inable to, there was always a Quincy bangle, which formed a weak bow they could use, until it overheated and broke, then the Quincy would pretty much be an ordinary, weak human.

Oliver knew to keep that information in his mind at all times, because that would one day come and bite him on the ass. His training continued, as did his mental training. He had rahed great speed and great power, with great accuracy with his shots. He also learned of the Masaru Family's ally - the Shinigami. He learned of their history and anything essential from his father, and knew one day when he led the clan he would have to work hand-in-hand with the buggers in destroying the hollows. With the new and old knowledge he had acquired, anything else he would acquire from experience, as his father would eventually pass away and he would take full responsibility of the Masaru Clan. He kept that thought at bay by continuing his training, and even training others - helping them learn to summon their bows as well. He continued, gining more power as he did, gaining a deeper understanding of who he was and how he should be.

His training came to a half at age 22 when his mother Naomi passed away, and then three short years later, his father passed away. Oliver was indeed torn by the turn of events, but was raised to not show it, not even in tears. He took over as the Clan Master, continuing the duties as his father had - just the way he was brought up. Despite being the leader of the Clan, Oliver had gained more knowledge than his father could have ever taught him by experience alone. He had to routinely protect the clan by swarms of lower-leveled hollows, and evetually even an adjuchas or two. He had prospered quite well, and had continued to serve and train to this very day, the day he turned 29 years old.
Fighting Style: Oliver typically fights long ranged with his bow, and his aim is deathly accurate. He reciever the alias "Striker" (German for Striker) because of his legendary aim. He is extremely analytical and will try his best to catch on to the style of others so he can fight to the fullest. However, let it be noted that Oliver is just as fierce with a Seele Schneider as with his bow. He fights with swords of all kinds (though prefers a Seele Schneider) and is skilled in Zanjutsu simply so he can fight with a Seele Schneider effectively until he isable to fire it from his bow. Aside from that, Oliver doesn't run unless needed, and ensures that the battle ends when him or his opponent are dead. (In other words, all fights I do are death matches)
Rp Sample
Quote :
Oliver waited patiently for the female to begin her explanation, and all he got was an irritated buldge at the subtle insult. Yes, she was right, she had said she didnt know what to learn, but no, he did not push the issue away. At least he didn't mean to if he had done so... That was besides the point. It was her turn to explain her story more thoroughly. And so it began, with her standing up straight and hands behind her back. Barrie Hughes - Ryder. Her name was Barrie Hughes, Codename Ryder - strange, but Oliver knew there was a reason behind it. She explained she was the First Lieutenant of Third Marine Expeditionary Force, and also, for some weird reason and out of order, granddaughter of Nagataki Masahiko - a name Oliver did not recognize. This man was her grandfather, and an executive of the Council. She said a few other things that Oliver, unfortunately, deemed irrelevant. Council Executive? Seems as though I have some research that needs to be done. he thought to himself, getting the idea to go to the old Council Building and parading through whatever records might still be there. If he found information on the man, and figured out from the female why and how he died, maybe he could set up a meeting with the soul of her Grandfather to turn this bitter child sweet.

Her story continued, with her revealing her grandfather would not train her mother, as her mother was a woman. Imagine that! - she then explained it having something to do with the older generation and their traditions, which caused Oliver a mental retort, combating that it was untrue, as his clan trained each and every member capable. However, just because his family had, and always will, did not mean others would and do. She continued on, explaining that after she graduated some school, her grandmother passed away, to which Ryder goes to visit her grandfather. While there, he explains to her what he is, and what Barrie could be, beginning basic training, such as general information of the hollows and the quincy, then presenting her with a silver Christian Cross, which obviously was her Mekkayu. They continued training until miss Barrie was made to leave for war, not mastering her abilities. She explained to this day she was inable to form a bow, likely because her Grandfather had never taught the mother, thus genetic memory got all fucked up... Yes, I can see how that might have an affect... Oliver said, nodding his acceptance, though quickly noting the tears swelling in the female's eyes.

He was shocked, and a bit touched, but did not interrupt the female. She continued: She explained that during the war she realized she can form spiritual "darts" which could be fired from her guns. She demonstrated it on a tree, about 40-50 meters away by Oliver's guess. He struck the tree and did considerable damage to it, which the woman finished by casing her gun back properly. She went on explaining she was estatic, knowing she was able to protect the dead souls, as well as living ones, from hollows that would naturally amass in a war zone. She returne when she was released, to find her grandfather weaker, but the traditions still the same. The tears swelled even more, and the female across from him ignored it, but Oliver, however did not. He wouldn't show his concern as that would likely damage the womans pride, and he did not want that. So he kept his thoughts to himself and allowed her to continue. Oliver learned he helped her hone her skills for the next six months, then tod her to seek out the Council in either Kiyoto or Karakura, and she came to Karakura to learn the Council was no more. Barrie ignorantly accused them of not being able to hold the council together, and was indeed upset. She went on about how they all couldn't tolerate each other enough to hold it all together. It's not like Oliver would know - hi duties never lied with the Council. He was a damned Masaru and worked with the Shinigami to ensure the peace and safety of all damned living things to the best of their damned ability. He would not take such accusations.

She proceeded to insult him and his people a bit more, then stormed off. You ignorant swine! he said in his mind, glaring at the female as she stormed off. He allowed his head to droop low, and tried to ignore the things she had said, because he knew them to be untrue, or most of it. She did not know, and she could not know - her ignorance was not her fault. Oliver reminded himself of that fact over and over, and decided to finally teach the female a lesson about the Quincy. Without ever moving, he performed a lightning quick Hirenyaku, appearing in front of the young miss, stopping her in her tracks. His neck rose, and twisted to look her in the face, his body turned away, though his head to the right, looking deep into those bloodshot eyes (due to the tears...). You want to know something extra special about the Quincy, hmm?! he spat, turning his body angrily toward her, his fists balled up to either side of his body. We're full of what people call PRIDE! You have it, I have it, and i'm sure Nagataki did! he spat again, taking a slight step forward, though in no way provokative - only for the simply purpose of emphasizing what he was saying. "You really are a piece of work" he mocked, rolling his eyes, then refocusing them on her, Speak for yourself! I was okay with your frustration, and you're ignorance, because I knew it was NOT your fault! Now I demand you do the same for me! he yelled, taking a step back and turning away from her, beginning to pace back and forth.

He paced about twice before he turned back to her, a little more calm than a few seconds ago. The council was never a priority of the Masaru. I was no part of the damned place, it was completely useless. Yes, it had its purposes, but the purpose I served was greater. The Masaru work with the Shinigami to ensure the peace and safety of all living creatures. You left your grandfather for war, which was your priority - I left the council for my priority, now let me accuse you for your duties! Let me put on you a burden you do not deserve! You did what you had to do, As do I! I do not approve of your false and ignorant accusations! I will help you with whatever it is you need me to help with, and i'll supply you with everything you need to know to succeed as a Quincy. I will protect you, I will protect those AROUND you, and I will give my damned life for one of my kind. I take pride in it. I take pride in protecting my brothers and sisters - blood or not. I will help you, my clan will help you, but you must never speak from where you do not know from again - especially in matters such as the council and its downfall. Why did it fall? I dont know, me and my clan were busy ensuring the majority of the population wa protected from hollows - we were ensuring the Arrancar would not strike against the city. I had priorities. You had priorities. We all did, and we all do. he shouted, lowering in the intensity as he neared the end of his speech.

He approached her and placed a hand on her shoulder, looking into her eyes. Stay with us. We can help you. I apologize if i don't know how you feel, or if I don't understand your standpoint. Know I have been a sheltered Secondboy all my life until the time came to run the clan myself. You are a fellow Quincy, and I put you above everything else. The Quincy will always be above my duties as a Clan Master. Sorry if i dont know everything, and sorry if I can't fix everything. However, I do have one question... How did your grandfather pass? he concluded
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